Mitchell Cohen

I worked at several successful dot-com start-up’s (including a NASDAQ IPO) and I’ve worked with lots of really talented salespeople and biz dev managers. Their task isn’t easy, and the pressure is always on. Having managed online P&L’s for brands into the high seven-figures, I also understand the enormous pressure of bringing in more and […]

GroupHigh’s Desperation

After not using GroupHigh for over 10 months, I was shocked when my client was apparently billed another $3,000 for an “automated renewal.” I immediately contacted them in multiple ways, explained that we hadn’t used and don’t need their tool and requested a refund. I looked terrible in front of my client, and had to […]

GroupHigh: a Poor Tool

Although they provided a one hour training for their service, I was not impressed with the functionality of GroupHigh at all. All GroupHigh really does is provide lists of influencers by category, plus some very limited tracking. Period. It does not give any meaningful (or faster) means to contact them, and isn’t this really what […]

GroupHigh – Introduction

In the middle of 2017 one of my clients, a small, family-owned business that has been around for many years, launched e-commerce for the first time. It was an exciting time for the owners, and although my team was highly adept at many online marketing channels such as organic search optimization, paid search with Google […]