GroupHigh – Introduction

In the middle of 2017 one of my clients, a small, family-owned business that has been around for many years, launched e-commerce for the first time.

It was an exciting time for the owners, and although my team was highly adept at many online marketing channels such as organic search optimization, paid search with Google Ads and Bing, email marketing and social media, influencer outreach was not an online marketing channel that I was comfortable working with.

I had always found influencer marketing very time consuming, and difficult to measure and quantify. Realizing this small business needed help, I stumbled upon GroupHigh.

As an online marketer for well over 20 years, including managing large e-commerce teams for Fortune 500 companies, this was admittedly my mistake – always check references and get real feedback when evaluating a new service, don’t just rely on Google searches! But things were moving very fast, and after some negotiation with salesperson Mitchell Cohen, I decided GroupHigh could be helpful for blogger outreach. Big Mistake.

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