GroupHigh: a Poor Tool

Although they provided a one hour training for their service, I was not impressed with the functionality of GroupHigh at all. All GroupHigh really does is provide lists of influencers by category, plus some very limited tracking. Period. It does not give any meaningful (or faster) means to contact them, and isn’t this really what online marketers need when it comes to influencer outreach? I could’ve used an intern to spend a day or two to compile similar lists. So can you.
GroupHigh Review
What’s more, I found that much of their influencer data was inaccurate, including location (key to my client), follower data and more. Almost none of the results had the “GroupHigh” method of contacting them – you had to manually click to their site and find an email or contact form anyway.

Human contacts – they key to good influencer outreach – of these influencers were often not provided.

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