GroupHigh’s Desperation

After not using GroupHigh for over 10 months, I was shocked when my client was apparently billed another $3,000 for an “automated renewal.” I immediately contacted them in multiple ways, explained that we hadn’t used and don’t need their tool and requested a refund. I looked terrible in front of my client, and had to field a call from the bookkeeper – the owner’s 84 year-old mother – who was literally in tears, explaining that in 50 years she’d never had anything stolen from them. Wow.
GroupHigh Marketing
Rather than operate on good faith, and protect their reputation, GroupHigh choose to continue to try to fleece my poor client! In two and half decades working with online marketing services of all sizes and types (as well as having created some myself), I have never, never, run into a company that wouldn’t grant a simple refund request, especially when this is just a SaaS – there was no cost or expense to GroupHigh whatsoever. My client is now going to be taking legal action – what a waste of time and money!

Which leads me to conclude the company is desperate and failing miserably. What kind of business bills people for services they don’t use?

In fact, their new “GroupHigh X” product illustrates this perfectly. It appears to me that this company couldn’t make it, because they deliver no value whatsoever, so they are now switching from expensive annual contracts to a monthly option:


Incidentally, this email was not sent to my email address they had on file, but to another one which I never used with them, so I also realized they are spamming marketers to try to pitch this new service. What kind of influencer marketing company has to stoop to spamming? yikes.

Anyway, after my poor client called me – very upset – about this unexpected charge from GroupHigh, one of my first thoughts was to go to their Facebook page, to leave a comment or perhaps a rating. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that GroupHigh doesn’t even have a functioning Facebook Business Page:


An Influencer Marketing Company that can’t even manage their own Facebook page correctly? Would YOU do business with such a company?

Next, I thought I’d go to their Company Website – perhaps I could leave a comment there, or see what others are saying. I noticed that their “Influencer Lists” page hasn’t been updated in 5 months, with some lists way over a year old. Hey, GroupHigh, if you can’t manage and update your own website – just pull the dates from displaying. This is Content Marketing 101. Would YOU do business with such a company?

And it only got worse. I next went to their Google+ company page. Again thinking I could at least leave a comment. This hasn’t been updated since 2014! Remember, this is an online marketing company. Would YOU do business with such a company?

Even their LinkedIn posts are 3-4 months old. I just get the feeling that things ain’t going well out there. Don’t you?



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