Mitchell Cohen

I worked at several successful dot-com start-up’s (including a NASDAQ IPO) and I’ve worked with lots of really talented salespeople and biz dev managers. Their task isn’t easy, and the pressure is always on. Having managed online P&L’s for brands into the high seven-figures, I also understand the enormous pressure of bringing in more and more sales.

That said, no amount of pressure or sales goals can ever justify charging a former client for a service they do not need or want. The way my parents raised me, that’s called stealing.
Mitchell Cohen
When my client was re-billed (with no prior indication or warning of any kind – shady!!) I reached to to my GroupHigh sales rep, Mitchell Cohen numerous times. I left him voicemails, sent emails, and finally, out of desperation even contacted the general GroupHigh Customer Support. But no one ever returned any of my emails or calls.

What kind of person is Mitchell Cohen? Who has to try to trick and trap a small business into paying them for nothing? Shakespeare taught us all about the difference between the “letter” vs. the “meaning” of the law. Just because you’ve apparently trapped someone with fine print doesn’t make it right. Or ethical.

I would strongly advise anyone from doing business with Mitchell Cohen, who is in my experience a bottom-feeder who puts a few bucks over his own reputation. Ugh.

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